Abstract Expression

October’s bell tolls again. This month of warm days and cool nights is one of the finest of our calendar. Its frenzy is quelled by the slow descent of falling leaves; by the primal scent of wood smoke; by stunning mountain vistas; by apple cider doughnuts. The shift to full-on fall fuels an internal excitement that’s mirrored in fire and color and crisp blue sky—and the desire to dress the part.

For our annual fall style presentation (“Age of Excess”), we emphasize fashion that’s dramatic, exaggerated, and larger than life. Big and bold are exclamations this season, emphasized through color, vintage looks, voluminous hair, and oblique angles.

But fashion—even the most gripping, head-turning kind—can only go so far.

Our style, from clothing to interiors to cars, is an extension of our being. As designer Rachel Zoe points out, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” It functions at peak when it amplifies the character of the one wearing it. Finding one’s style is like settling into one’s bones.

Living out loud is a lot more powerful and purposeful than shrinking to a corner. That’s fine on occasion; we all need to retreat. But the rub of life is to engage. It’s about participation. Expressing what you find inside. Is fashion necessary to be your best self? No. But it could change your perception of who you are, and that is everything. The glasses we wear color the world we see.

Like the leaf that grows, matures in the sun, then goes out in a blaze of glory—we, too, shift with the seasons. Take a cue from this megawatt month and light it up.

Blair Knobel, Editor-in-Chief, blair@towncarolina.com