Coastal Lens

The Gibbes Museum commemorates Charleston’s ever-evolving landscape

Miracle Grow

A mother-daughter team turns handcrafted
paper flowers into a beautiful business

Speed of Light

From across the state they shine. The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities has become a launching pad for young artists, and here are five you should get to know.

Monster’s Ball

Charleston illustrator Timothy Banks, our May Issue cover artist, brings whimsical characters to the page

Hot on the Street

Artisphere’s Emerging Artists Michelle Jardines and Erin Stuart present 2-D and 3-D works at this year’s festival

Street Seen

Otis White may lead a nomadic life, but his iconic art finds a home in this year’s Emrys Journal

Wonder Woman

International artist Yuri Tsuzuki transforms steel into sculptures that evoke delicate movement

Moment’s Notice

Greenville artist Nathan Bertling focuses on life, in between

How to Fish in Ruffles & Lace

A tomboy’s quest to find an Easter dress prompts deeper questions

Art House

Spartanburg’s AC Hotel provides a home for The Johnson Collection’s Black Mountain College art

Around the Block

Printmaker Douglas Piper’s contemporary folk-style prints take you places

View of Her Own

Behind the lens, Imogen Cunningham defied cultural expectations

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