Boy campers cooling off in a mountain spring near YMCA Camp Greenville in Cleveland, South Carolina, which eventually flows into Lake Sudie, circa mid-twentieth century.
For 105 years, YMCA’s Camp Greenville has called men and women to revel in its sweet mountain magic, connecting generations of Greenville families in deep woods, stunning views, and cooling waters.
Greenville’s oldest women’s social club keeps its generational legacy
Mary C. Judson remains a pioneer in women’s academics
The game of golf in Greenville was not born so much as it was made, by men of action and men of foresight.
Famed landscape architect Lawrence Halprin transformed Greenville’s Main Street
The Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition celebrates the best of the South
The Waddy Thompson Home was the first site of Greenville’s Poinsett Club
Since 1888, the Cotillion Club has carried on a legacy of camaraderie, tradition, and etiquette.
Businessman Tom O’Hanlan is restoring a tract in Pickens to pristine conditions for communion, camaraderie, & conservation
Greenville Memorial Auditorium remains a hallowed memory of the city’s landscape
After decades of neglect, the former mill community of West Greenville finds itself under the light, with a growing legion of artists, galleries, restaurants and other businesses moving in. The potential for the newly rebranded Village of West Greenville both excites and challenges owners and residents alike, each with vested interests and bright hopes.

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