Bottoms Up

When his doc questions his sobriety, The Man puts
everything on the table

Petal to the Metal

The Man embraces a rugged hobby with creative finesse

Curve Ball

The Man is unprepared for the requirements of team representation

Hello, Gentlemen

The Man discusses the finer points of living a refined life

Daiquiri Dreams

On alcohol abundant press trips, the Man realizes writers are not always adept at cocktail consumption

Hold Your Horses

The Man braves the saddle for the chance to document his heroism

Die Hard

The Man contemplates the source of his demise

Strangers in the Night

The Man’s usually gracious father harbors hard feelings to last a lifetime

Needle Work

The Man’s old ink reminds him of a once rebellious spirit

Man Power

The Man ponders the changing landscape of manhood

Christmas Past

Family traditions help the Man and his children push through rough times


The Man contemplates the lasting effects of winning

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