Dark Beauty

Mom and daughter duo Cheryl and Kelsey Baird are in the horse business, but not just any four-legged trotter. They care for a rare breed called Friesian—with manes like ’80s rockers and physiques like Olympic athletes—and pair these equine charges with their perfect owners.

Keeper of Cool

For decades, Greenville native Bob Yearick has crafted experiences that define the style of a brand

Finding Bertis Downs

Athens, Georgia, is famous for a few things: The Bulldogs, The National, and a musical legacy that has transformed the city from a sleepy college town to a cultural mecca. And this man is at the right place, at the right time.

Ice Castles

Greenville native Steve Bomar ascends to chilling heights

Faraway Home

A Greenville family combines their love for travel, Moroccan culture, and artisan craftsmanship into an online marketplace of refined, original wares: Broaden Goods

Sugar Mavens

Betty Crocker might have her picture on a box, but these four Greenville-based pastry chefs are whipping up something entirely new in their kitchens.

Soul of a Chef

In 2010, Sean Brock won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southeast. Now, he brings his culinary vision to Greenville with Husk restaurant, uniting diners with the Upcountry food of their forebears.

Queen of Couture

Emerging fashion talent Angela Keyes repurposes material, and the futures of
the less fortunate, through her design dreams

Field Test

Former Furman Soccer Phenom and Coach Anthony Esquivel, along with his Wife, Enthrepreneur Olivia Esquivel Levels the Game for a Cultural Convergence.

Taylor Made

As President of the Greenville Health System, Dr. Spence Taylor is taking healthcare academics to unprecedented levels.

Michelin Man

From Michelin President to chairing countless community boards, Dick Wilkerson’s impacts change with compassion and intellect.

Setting the Standard

By investing in community interests, Elliott Davis creates a culture of opportunity.

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