Once upon a time, an architect graced Greenville with his penchant for detail, classic lines with modern sensibility, and respect for the land.
Form marries function in Eric Brown Design’s studio library
Brian Hill aims for better design with Circles & Squares Tile Boutique
Drink the beverage of royalty in a regal way
Whole Log Lumber Co. revels in the majesty of ancient wood
Freshen up with these New Year’s neutrals
Wrap yourself in these cozy bundles
Take your festive fêtes to another level with help from Postcard from Paris
Eric Brown Design invites the world into a chic, transformed space
Enhance your space with a mix of classic and modern touches
The venerable recliner deserves an upgrade
We Took to the Woods elevates a spring brunch with French country inspiration

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Through intricate illustrations, Trina Piercy of Meraki Pottery puts a personal spinon vintage styles

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