Riley Murphy utilizes Pure Barre to stay in shape for ski season // Owner Lauren Wilson demonstrates a move at the barre // Pure Barre incorporates balls in various isometric exercises to help strengthen and tone muscles


Sculpt body & mind with a dancer’s precision at Pure Barre

/ photography by Paul Mehaffey

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The corporate Web site states as much: “As long as you can hold a ballet barre, you can do Pure Barre,” it supportively suggests. Which is quickly followed by, “That’s not to say that it’s easy . . . ” And it’s not. But there is definitely a vibe of positivity you can feel down to your sticky-sock-covered toes as the instructors, through the brisk 55-minute exercise, encourage you to remember, “You’re stronger than you think you are!” or “Go to your highest level, then go higher!” as Wilson commanded her noon class recently—all while you LTB (lift, tone, and burn) your way to a more toned/desired “ledge” (Pure Barre–speak for the posterior re-sculpting of what God gave you into a more well-defined derriere).

BarreNone_0115_articleRiley Murphy of Travelers Rest does Pure Barre with an express purpose: to get ready for ski season. The Colorado native found the method to condition her thighs, glutes, and abs better than anything else. “At high altitudes, I don’t want to waste energy compensating for weak muscles,” says Murphy. “So three months before ski season, I concentrate on getting in shape. I’ve experimented with almost every exercise regimen, and I was thrilled to discover Pure Barre. It’s an excellent jumpstart for achieving the strength and flexibility that help me on the slopes.” The benefits extend beyond the physical, however, as Murphy will soon put to the test as she floats through the powder of Telluride in just a few weeks. “The discipline of Pure Barre’s mind/body connection and concentration to isolate muscle groups gives me quicker kinetic responses to changing terrain and conditions.”

But, readers, don’t sweat it—it’s also fun. So, if you’re like Murphy and need a boost to your main sport, or want to try something new that incinerates those winter blues and calories in record time, you might just go LTB, ASAP.

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