WYFF News 4 anchor Nigel Robertson sets up a score for ALS

// photograph by Paul Mehaffey

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Good Point // Nigel Robertson introduced the Polo Classic to Greenville in 2012, to help raise funds for the GHS Neurological Institute in support of ALS research, which took the life of his father. This year’s event is on Saturday, October 18.“You won’t find anything else here like it,” says Robertson. “It keeps getting better and better.”

This business can be transient, yet you’ve been in Greenville almost 16 years.
Every day solidifies I’m just more and more grounded here. I’m the type of person who believes God will make sure to tell me when it is time to go. I’ve not heard that yet.

What does your faith mean to you?
Everything and more. I try to take whatever steps God has put up for me. It’s kept me strong through my dad’s illness, through those stories that are painful to tell, and it keeps me grounded as a husband and father. But by no means am I perfect.

When did your dad get sick?
2011. He started falling down on the tennis court. He was extremely active. That was the crazy thing, that it was ALS that took him. He never stopped. He did everything fast.

Before your dad passed, you were already partnering with G.H.S. to build a clinic in Greenville.
They came to me and asked if I’d help them start a neurological clinic. I’d been so public with my story, and they wanted to give me an outlet to help patients directly. We held the first Polo Classic in 2012, and the Greenville Health System Neurological Institute opened last year at the Patewood Campus. Anyone with neuro-disorders like strokes, Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS can go there.

What did your dad think?
I sent him pictures of the first Polo Classic every day. He was proud. This event has grown and is so successful, and the institute is now, too. I do this because it helps with the pain, it helps heal, and I know I’m helping other people. He would still be proud. He’d say, ‘That’s my boy.’

For more on the Greenville Polo Classic on October 18, go to

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