Mill Village Market is a welcome addition to a West Greenville neighborhood

// photography by Eli Warren

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STOCK MARKET // The following produce grown by Mill Village Farms will be available in January: Romaine lettuce, Bibb lettuce, basil, kale, cilantro, parsley, and Tatsoi greens.

FreshStartJAN16pulloutMill Village Farms, an agricultural-based youth development program, is a subset of Mill Community Ministries, a Greenville-grown cooperative including Nasha Lending and the Village Wrench. Guided by executive director Dan Weidenbenner, the group seeks to help communities thrive, whether by ensuring no-interest loans to local entrepreneurs or by teaching job skills to at-risk teenagers. Mill Community Ministries has spent the last three years dreaming of a brick-and-mortar home, a tangible space for the community to connect and interact.

“We hope that this market becomes a hub for the neighborhoods as well as the business community,” says Childress. “We have a community table in here on purpose, a place for people from the neighborhood to come and gather, have a cup of coffee, meet a friend for a conversation—a place to sit and think.”

TURNING TABLES // Kelly Childress, Mill Village Farms’ market director, oversees a brick- and-mortar retail location on Lois Avenue, as well as a mobile market.

FreshStartJAN16featureCoupled with warm lighting and an exposed brick wall, the community table completes the market’s welcoming interior. White shelves stand ready with an arsenal of basic food options, while a railed staircase leads to of co-work space above. But Mill Community Ministries is hardly finished with Lois Avenue.

The Village Wrench will be next door as well as co-work space for entrepreneurs,” Childress explains about the cooperative’s plans for further construction. “We hope to see the faces of the neighborhood here.”

Mill Village Market, 8 Lois Ave, Greenville. (864) 214-6709,

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