Life Cycled

    Art is a concept not confined by a single definition. In Off the Wall, the Spartanburg Art Museum provides a series of unique perspectives on ways to use and reuse preexisting, contemporary objects as conceptualized by the minds of 11 inventive sculptors—Heather Beardsley (whose work Fabulatory Epistemology is shown here), Mike Benevenia, Jeremy Entwistle, Tracy Featherstone, Sherman Finch, Nathaniel Foley, Anna Kell, John C. Kelley, Ron Longsdorf, Janet Orselli, and Lauren Peterson. The exhibition provides a fresh look into the world of sculpting that drifts significantly from the classical sculptor’s sole use of raw materials. From Lauren Peterson’s weathered foam mattress pads to Janet Orselli’s small wooden forks, the collective vision provides its audience with a sturdy assurance that old objects can still learn new tricks.       

    Off the Wall is on display at the Spartanburg Art Museum, 200 East St. John St, Spartanburg, through August 5. The museum is open 10am–5pm, Tuesday–Saturday, and 1–5pm on Sunday. For more information, visit

    Heather Beardsley, Fabulatory Epistemology, 2018. Clay on canvas; courtesy of the Spartanburg Art Museum