McKinnon Robinson tackles food with a youthful perspective

// photograph by Paul Mehaffey

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How did you get into blogging? >>

I really like photography, and I play on my computer a lot. I just thought it would be really cool to have a blog to share my ideas and photography to the community. I like to write a post with photos three to four times a week, but it doesn’t always work out because of school.

Why food? >>

I like food, and I can describe it in a lot of different ways and take pictures of it. I really like to cook at home, and I like to eat out at nice restaurants and talk to the chefs. I love Stella’s [Southern Bistro]. I love their menu and staff.They have the best bread pudding you can imagine, and I recently had duck there, which was really, really good. I’d recommend to anyone to go.

You have some strong photography skills. >>

My dad taught me, and once I got as good as he was, I started looking on the Internet and watching YouTube videos on how to get better. It takes a lot more skill than taking a selfie.With food, you have to get a really good angle if you want it to look appetizing.And it takes a lot of editing to make them pop.

Favorite chef? >>

I like Alton Brown. I like his food-science view of cooking and eating. It’s really cool when he combines science to show you what the food is like, the calories and carbs. Not many people take the time to look at the food before you cook it. I think if you’re a really good chef, you can understand how you’re changing the food and people will like it more.

Between your mom and dad, who’s the better cook? >>

[Laughing] I don’t know if I want to say! I would say they are both really good, but they are good at different things. My dad is good at steaks and pork. My mom is good at sides, and sauces, and mac ‘n’ cheese. My dad’s more into the modern take on food. My mom is into what got passed down to her.

Tell us about your cooking. >>

My dad taught me how to cut vegetables. I always thought that it was cool how fast he can do it. He still does it faster than me. I like to cook steak and use a lot of different seasonings. I broil it sometimes; we grill it sometimes. My first blog was on carnitas.

How can parents get a picky kid to eat? >>

I think the trick is to make it really bland and if they say something about it, incorporate spice and they’ll start to like it. And if you’re my age, your taste buds change.There are a few things I didn’t like and now I’m starting to like them.

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