State Line

July is summertime’s cradle. It’s that sweet spot between the end of school and start, when the fruits of the season move to peak and the sun burns into a cricket symphony. There is something about the collective sigh of summer, no matter our age. We lean on that school-year routine because the past runs […]

Ground Up

Summer hangs in the air like a heady magnolia, and we’re ready to break for cold beer, lazy river runs, and long porch nights. We offer ways to explore and unwind via the peaks, trails, and scenic drives of our premier location, but this issue brings another bent to our outdoor bounty. Our June edition […]

Super / Natural

A few weeks ago, author and frequent TOWN contributor Scott Gould came to me with an idea. He wanted to honor the South Carolina Governor’s School of the Arts & Humanities’ top graduating students in dance, drama, creative writing, music, and visual art. Because Gould teaches creative writing at the Governor’s School, I thought it […]

Here & Now

Spring, in its delicate, feminine energy, crashing about one day while sweetly whispering the next, tells us that it’s time to shed old skin, connections, habits that just aren’t serving us anymore. In vibrancy and destruction, clouds of pollen, wispy blooms and electric green, we’re spun into chaos, but also newness. We’ve never seen this […]

The Road

Monica Stevenson lives a double life. I met her last summer when she wanted to show me her portfolio. Many photographers reach out to do the same. Monica, I learned, is different; she has a home in Tryon, North Carolina, and one in New York City. Her commercial photography studio is there, and she shoots […]

What’s New

“Something that used to be something else has evolved into something better than anyone could have possibly imagined,” Scott Gould writes in his feature story on Bertis Downs, manager and advisor for the band R.E.M. Gould is referring to an aspect of Athens, Georgia, where Bertis lives and where R.E.M. formed and took root in […]

That’s a Start

Many of us wish away January into warmer days and spring flowers, dismissing it as too bleak, too boring, too sad. But I sing the song of winter. I want it to last just a bit longer. I crave the deep blue sky at dusk, the sun burning down in a streak of red, the […]

Yes, Chef

Sean Brock’s wisdom is like his cooking: deep, with a Southern inflection. “Everything goes back to the dirt,” he says. Contributing editor M. Linda Lee recently sat with the James Beard Award winner at Husk Greenville, Brock’s Upcountry location of his popular restaurant that celebrates Southern food. Sean’s authenticity and warmth belie his celebrity—he’s appeared […]

Power of One

November is a fine month. Between October’s football and bonfires and December’s sensorial chaos, we have a glorious four weeks in between to sit back, take in the view, and indulge. In this blessed window, we may reflect on the year’s comings and goings, and what we’ve gained, lost, and ultimately learned from. We allow […]

Landscape of Style

In autumn, the bend of the light changes. Nights become longer and cooler, colors shift from green to yellow to auburn. We mirror what we see, donning jackets and boots, layer upon layer, drawing closer and more reflective as the days turn inward. The seasons alter our feelings, priorities, and interests, just as the Earth responds […]

That’s an Idea

In November 7, 1997, Carl Sobocinski hit gold. That day, his eponymous restaurant Soby’s opened in a former shoe store on Main Street. At the time, the Westin Poinsett Hotel was dilapidated and boarded up, and walking in that area of downtown was a questionable prospect at best. There was no trolley, no bookstore, no […]

The Best of Men

Men live to tell a good story. In the case of some, they don’t have to embellish it; they opt for understatement. Their reputation precedes them. These are the genuine article, gentlemen of the finest order. They take care in their manner, dress with a fine touch. They aim for chivalry and aren’t afraid to […]