You’ve committed. You’re going to be proactive about your health. You’re determined to catch any issues before they become problems. You’re ready to deep-dive into your genetics to better understand your family history and potential future. You’re eager to learn more about nutrition and fitness, and start putting the same effort into aging well as you do your financial wellbeing. Your tax adviser knows you better than your doctor—and you’re determined to change that.

So, you call your doctor’s office only to discover you’ll need to wait for an appointment. And wait. And wait. Sadly, this isn’t unusual. In fact, it’s become all too expected. And it’s not just hard on patients. Doctors suffer the effects of our nation’s clogged healthcare system as well, with many physicians feeling stressed, overworked and frustrated. They can’t deliver the level of care they would like, simply because there isn’t enough time—but concierge care is determined to change that.

Concierge care is an innovative approach to primary care that turns the typical model on its head. For example, a primary care physician in a traditional practice might have a roster of 3,000+ patients and see 25-40 patients per day. Contrast that with a concierge doctor’s roster of 300-600 patients and far more manageable rate of 6-10 visits per day. Not only does this help eliminate wait times, it also means patients can see their doctor longer, spending more quality time with them. And doctors benefit by having the time they need to get to know patients better and truly address their specific needs.

Is it affordable? If you’re thinking this sounds expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised. Since its introduction more than two decades ago, the cost of concierge care—also known as the “membership model”—has been reduced significantly, with most memberships ranging from just $125-$175 monthly.

Is it right for you? As a founding leader in concierge care, PartnerMD’s members can answer ‘yes’ to all the points below. Can you say the same?

  • I can always see my doctor when I need to.
  • At appointments, I never wait more than five minutes to see my doctor.
  • At my annual physical, my doctor and I have enough time to get a detailed picture of my health.
  • My doctor provides personalized fitness and nutrition resources to help me manage my lifestyle.
  • My doctor actively helps me identify health goals and ways to achieve them.
  • My doctor knows and treats me as a person, not just a list of symptoms.

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, maybe it’s time to consider PartnerMD as your primary care provider and experience the true, meaningful difference concierge medicine can make in your life. More than personal care, it’s care so personal, it’s like having a doctor in the family.


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