In its humblest form, artistic creation is a charitable act. When a work is fashioned, vulnerability is required, and the creator gives of herself in a personal, meaningful way. Each November during Greenville Open Studios, a host of visionaries open their doors to the physical spaces where this intimate action is shaped and curated. This year, the Metropolitan Arts Council presents a special preview to the weekend event with A Square Affair, an exhibition featuring the works of Open Studios participants, like the above painting by Laura Nance. Pieces are presented in a 12 x 12 inch format, allowing guests a small taste of the artist’s ability and inviting them to take a peek behind the curtain into their natural creative environment.                                   

A Square Affair will be on display at the Metropolitan Arts Council Gallery through December 14. The gallery is located on 16 Augusta St, open Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm. Greenville Open Studios will take place Fri–Sun, November 9–11. For more information, visit