Due South Coffee Roasters has always been dedicated to high-quality, sustainably sourced coffees, and its original location in Taylors Mill was an ode to that philosophy. The café became a showcase for how those coffees could taste at their best—although it wasn’t a focus like the roasting and wholesale aspects of Due South’s business.

Since moving to Hampton Station, Due South has expanded that showcase to include edible offerings that measure up to their roasts. “We see coffee as a culinary ingredient,” co-founder Patrick McInerney says. “Offering complementary food is something we’ve always dreamed of and talked about.”

Photography by Paul Mehaffey

With the new space in Hampton Station, Due South is able to accommodate a small kitchen, in addition to the roasting and production areas, an educational area for private and public coffee cuppings, and a specialized cold brewery. “We wanted this to be the most perfect experience to showcase how coffee works within a culinary setting,” says McInerney.

Adam Cooke, formerly of Restaurant 17, was brought in to manage the culinary experience and come up with a menu that would complement, not overpower, the coffees on offer. “I want the food to be healthy, clean, and well-sourced,” says Cooke. “I want things people can eat comfortably, relatively quickly, with their coffee, and feel good as they get down the trail or get on with their day.”

“Our goal is unique, delicious, healthy,” says Cooke. Take, for example, the sardine toast, a punchy, light, and savory combination of sardines, caraway-horseradish crème fraîche, pickled peppers, mustard seed, red onion, and dill. Or the grapefruit brûlée, which offers a progression of sweet and crispy caramelized sugar, tart creamy yogurt, acidic juicy grapefruit, and the crunch of cashew crumble. The rest of the menu takes a similar bent: familiar healthy options (like muesli and granola), composed with fresh produce and textural delights.

It’s a fitting addition to Hampton Station’s burgeoning reputation as a mecca of active lifestyles. But if the mood strikes for something a little less healthy, there’s always the ice cream.

Due South Coffee Roasters, 1320 Hampton Ave, Ext 4B, Greenville. (864) 283-6680, duesouthcoffee.com; 7am–7pm, 7 days a week

Rise & Shine:

Greek yogurt, lavender, lime peel, and cashew crumble.

Due South has an extensive selection of the cold sweet stuff, with housemade versions to come.

Housemade ginger beer and cold brew classic, garnished with fresh mint.

Spanish sardines, caraway-horseradish crème fraîche, pickled peppers, mustard seed, red onion, and dill


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