Christopher McNulty, Lynx Nguyen, and Sarah Nguyen explore anxiety, mortality, and the mundane through their unique artwork in the exhibit Small Expansive Moments at Greenville Center for Creative Arts. Christopher McNulty battles with the reality of his life expectancy and uses the technique of repetition to examine his remaining days. Lynx Nguyen drills self-discipline into a daily routine through the means of tallies done by a ballpoint pen. Sarah Nguyen’s interpreted folklore allows her audience to see the connection between the abstract and its meaning. Together, the pieces illuminate the fears that settle in the human psyche while transforming abstract ideas into visual reality.

Small Expansive Moments is on display at Greenville Center for Creative Arts, 101 Abney St, Greenville, through March 25. An ARTalk will be held on March 10, 6–7pm. For more information visit