This season of exploration, take to the woods or the water without worrying about growling stomachs—we’ve collected a handful of our readers’ most-loved recipes, all designed to be perfectly packed up and stashed in backpacks, coolers or picnic baskets.

Lighter Fare: Tasty On-the-Go Treats

Nothing could be sweeter than watching the sun rise from the peak of an early-morning mountaintop climb. Nothing, of course, except these simply-delightful Cranberry Orange Scones. Bake them the night before for maximum chill—they’ll still melt in your mouth when paired with a thermos of hot, creamy coffee the next day.

Reward yourself and your crew after a long weekend hike or lazy lake afternoon treading water with something bright and refreshing: these zingy Lemon Bars. A nostalgic treat reinvented in this recipe to sing with modern simplicity, they’re easy to pass around wrapped in wax paper or stored in a tin.

For something a little more filling, but still savory and sweet in all the right ways, reach for a few slices of our buttery, chewy Price Strawberry Bread. Dusted with cinnamon and good enough to eat plain or with a little butter, they’re the perfect treat to tide weary wanderers over til dinner.

Packed Lunch: Picnic-Worthy Recipes

Toss those soggy tomato sandwiches—if you’re looking at a full day of traversing trails or hidden coves, it’s easier than you’d think to break out a filling, restaurant-quality meal. Kept warm or chilled overnight, the chile-kissed seared shrimp—and fresh herbal flavors!—of these assemble-your-own Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps taste even better on the deck of a boat.

Sometimes, the best adventures involve less sweat and punishing mileage, and more room to roam and time to spread out in the sun. If the latter is your speed, nothing elevates a picnic blanket quite like this Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Board. Ideal for pleasing a crowd or capping off a winery visit, this non-recipe recipe delivers easy, creative ideas for designing the perfect board to share.

easy picnic and snack recipes easy picnic and snack recipes easy picnic and snack recipes