Emily Davis & William Gillespie Jr.

October 9, 2020

As so many people do these days, Emily and Bill met online. When it came time for their first date, the two mixed up their plans, and both thought they had been stood up. Luckily, Emily gave it another chance, and after bonding over people-watching and music trivia, they quickly realized they were right for each other. The couple celebrated their first anniversary a year and three days later at Blockhouse Restaurant and Oyster Bar, and when Bill suggested they go home for a bourbon before meeting up with some friends from out of town, Emily didn’t resist. In their living room, Bill presented Emily with a shadow box of all their memories from the past year. As she was gushing over his thoughtfulness, Bill got down on one knee and promised to go on a million more dates with her. Almost a year later, Emily married Bill in a ceremony at Laurel Falls, overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they incorporated the ancient Celtic ritual of handfasting to honor Bill’s Irish descent. The couple resides in Simpsonville.

By Trinity Photography