We’ve all been there. Incessantly staring and swiping, hoping for a ping, a promise, a distraction. These days, our screens are more like bodily attachments than technological helpmates. We slip easily into pixelated addiction.

But social media allows us to channel someone else’s world for a while—stories of trips to faraway places or hikes happening on a Wednesday afternoon. Our virtual escapes lead to inevitable wanderlust: grand views and rugged canyons, wild beaches with unobstructed ocean views, big city romps to big name restaurants. Escape is more than a change of location—it is an expansion of experience, which helps us to challenge our preferences, our attitudes and sense of self. We can achieve this without leaving, but travel makes the journey so much sweeter.

This issue is packed with ideas for your next vacation, whether it be hyper-local (we interview Wendy Lynam, owner of Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Inn & Properties, page 40), international (in “Out of Town,” the TOWN staff recounts past trips near and far, page 71), or somewhere in between (like Door County, Wisconsin, the Cape Cod of the Midwest, page 50). But the reward is more than the destination. Travel allows us to discover what makes us tick, what we are thankful for, what we can live without. Sometimes escape is about indulgence, sometimes about absence; sometimes adventure, sometimes rest. The best ones, I’ve found, include all of these.

The pull of the screen is strong, and it can direct us, inform us, and enlighten us. But the world beyond the drug is actually better than the dream—because it’s real and right before our eyes.


Blair Knobel, Editor-in-Chief

Twitter / Instagram: @LBKNOBEL