When defined by popular culture, standards of beauty become streamlined, one-dimensional. Atlanta-based artists Regis and Kahran Bethencourt seek to highlight and celebrate African-American refinement in Empowerment through the Lens of AfroArt at Spartanburg’s UPSTATE Gallery on Main. In Baroque-like portraits of young girls in period-piece clothing, the nationally celebrated husband-and-wife team of CreativeSoul Photography showcases the natural elegance of Afro hair through stylized portraiture. By celebrating children of color, their bold imagery empowers the expression of true beauty. 

Empowerment through the Lens of AfroArt will be on display through December 29. The UPSTATE Gallery on Main is located at 172 E Main St, Spartanburg, and is open Tuesday–Saturday, noon–5pm. For more information, visit uscupstate.edu.

Photographs courtesy of CreativeSoul Photography.