blairknobel-headshotGreg McPhee is an artist. But his work isn’t in any museum or hanging in any gallery. In fact, it’s destroyed on the same day he creates it, and he prefers it that way.


McPhee is a chef, and he is on the brink of opening his first restaurant The Anchorage in the Village of West Greenville. Each chef tells a story, and Greg’s is a tale of land, river, and ocean. It isn’t just about the end plate: the artistry in front of you is about the growth and care of the finest local produce, a perfect balance of flavor, texture, and color. What you see is art; what you taste is expression. Food is McPhee’s medium. With The Anchorage, he intends to transform both Greenville’s food culture and the neighborhood of West Greenville.


Chef Greg McPhee prepared his rendition of the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes for friends and colleagues, and TOWN was there.
Chef Greg McPhee prepared his rendition of the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes for friends and colleagues, and TOWN was there.

Like-minded chefs dot the landscape here, those who encourage us to treat eating as an experience and not just a mindless act. And while we rejoice in Greenville’s dynamic food scene, it also happens to be close to some of the best food in the country, only a short drive away.


Asheville’s culinary renaissance comes thanks to its cultural vibrancy, which extends to its cuisine. Chef Katie Button continues her rise as one of the best chefs in the Southeast, lighting up the pages of Bon Appétit and Food & Wine magazines, among other national media. Button is now on tour with her first book—Cúrate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen—which features recipes from her award-winning (and consistently booked) Spanish tapas restaurant Cúrate. Two years ago, she, her parents, and her Catalan husband Felix Meana opened a second spot: Nightbell, where Button deftly executes creative spins on comforting dishes (like duck confit “poutine” with crispy waffles, mushroom hand pies, and a killer burger). Her city neighbors Local Provisions, featuring Chef Justin Burdette’s artistic takes on Southern ingredients, OWL Bakery, Susannah Gebhart’s European-style bakeshop and café, and HOLE, doughnuts that set the bar, are forwarding Asheville’s already buzzing food scene.


’Tis the season for eating, which satisfies and sustains us. While we gather around tables near and far, let’s thank our lucky stars for the chefs who transport us, too.



Blair Knobel


Twitter / Instagram: @LBKNOBEL


Blair’s shot from a recent outing to OWL Bakery, featuring Scandanavian cardamom buns and a chocolate cookie.