Spring, in its delicate, feminine energy, crashing about one day while sweetly whispering the next, tells us that it’s time to shed old skin, connections, habits that just aren’t serving us anymore. In vibrancy and destruction, clouds of pollen, wispy blooms and electric green, we’re spun into chaos, but also newness. We’ve never seen this time before. We’ve never been here before.

The past isn’t pointless; it can direct us if we use it wisely. But living there, dwelling on it, will keep you from understanding the point of what spring calls each of us to do—transform, revive, and renew. Our energy is as powerful, as capable, and as beautiful as nature’s because, in essence, we are of the same stuff.

Our annual Spring Style issue brings fashion to the forefront, but also an intentional selection of stories that reflects themes of the season: the opportunity not only to refresh but to become wholly changed. Elegant style, exceptional design, charming spaces, one-of-a-kind restaurants, a feast of April that we adore—but the crux of it all is examining the ingredients in their raw state, stories of creativity, of movement, of regeneration, as much as of lovely things.

To know spring is to revel in its pleasures. But that’s only half the point. It’s also an alarm, a jolt, an awakening, saying—Hello! It’s time to start again.