Jannie Mahaffey & Jeremy Gilbert

June 13, 2020

Jennie and Jeremy met over whiskey sours at Up on the Roof. After she ordered her drink, she turned around to see Jeremy holding one as well. They remarked on the coincidence, and they’ve been talking over whiskey sours ever since. Jennie loves autumn, and every year she hosts a Fall for Greenville gathering. Jeremy decided to surprise Jennie on their fall-decorated backyard patio (think pumpkins and mums) just before their guests arrived. Nobody knew the plan, and the annual gathering ended up being an engagement celebration. When it came to planning their wedding, the pair loved the idea of getting married on a rooftop in remembrance of the place they first met. The Avenue was the idyllic spot, and after the wedding, they drove off in a 1956 Chevy, which Jeremy and his father had restored. Jennie and Jeremy now live in Spartanburg in their dream home, which dates back to 1902.

By Jennifer Stuart Photography