Kelly Pollard & Alyn Griffiths

May 6, 2018

An office Christmas party can offer so much more than watered-down hot chocolate and a Dollar Store secret Santa gift from your cubicle mate. For Alyn Griffiths and Kelly Pollard, it meant an invitation to forever. The oblivious pair worked at the same London gallery, but after their meet cute, the rest quickly became history. Alyn and Kelly dated for six blissful years, flourishing in their European lifestyle. When Kelly’s 30th birthday approached, Alyn knew it was time for the long-anticipated change of pace. He whisked Kelly away for a birthday excursion to Bath, England. It was there that he secured his spot as Kelly’s permanent party planner for all birthdays to come. The wedding took place in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the bride and groom fully immersing themselves in the surrounding culture. The nuptials took place in a small manor house just oustide the country’s capital. Many of the men, groom included, were fitted in kilts, which made for the perfect accessories at the following traditional Scottish ceilidh reception. The couple plans to live in Edinburgh; Kelly works as a freelance marketing agent, and Alyn as a freelance journalist.

By Patrick Philips Photography