Cutting Edge

Dan Eastland makes Dogwood Custom Knives by hand in Greenville.

(left to right) Fillet Knife — 1/16-inch CPM-S35VN steel blade with convex grind and C-Tec aluminum and resin handle. Nimble in tight spaces when starting cuts for filleting fish
Piranha General Purpose Outdoor Knife — 3/32-inch AEB-L steel blade with resin and aluminum handle, compact design for light packing and versatile usage
Echo-5 Firefly Knife — 3/32-inch CPM-154 steel blade with Firefly handle. After 30 minutes in direct sunlight, the handle will glow for 10–12 hours
Houndstooth Outdoor Bushcrafting Knife — 1/16-inch CPM-154 steel blade with a micarta fish–style handle; a modern version of a traditional Scandinavian design with an antique finish
Hawkins Outdoor Hunting Knife — 3/32-inch AEB-L steel blade with stabilized wood and resin hybrid handle. Modern version of an early nineteenth-century blade allows versatile usage

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