Jewelry designer Donna Adams used to be a dancer. As a young girl, she perfected the art of bead weaving taught to her by her adopted Chippewa grandmother. It’s a skill she often used to embellish her own costumes and that she now utilizes in her diverse jewelry collection. Adams has traveled to all 50 states and countless other destinations around the world, so when it came time to name her business, she pulled inspiration from her childhood trips to Alaska. “You could see all of the wild ice, and when it would fall off or get cut you never knew what you were going to get,” she recalls. “You would see a whole other pattern, and that’s why I called the business Wild Ice, because I really don’t ever know what I’m going to design next.” Though her earrings receive raves, her most popular design is the GVL bracelet, made with a Caribbean hook, that she hopes will become a traveler’s memento for this thriving city.

Photography by Paul Mehaffey. Find Wild Ice Jewelry online at, along with a list of retailers. Contact Adams at