As another holiday season passes by, many people look back with not just nostalgia and fond memories, but with regret for a season of overeating, under-exercising, lack of sleep and a general disregard for taking care of themselves.

For people of are ready to break the cycle and look and feel their best once and for all, OptimalSelf MD provides the expertise to help clients make the necessary changes inside and out by offering a different, and more personalized, view of health.

“Patients come to me for many reasons,” says Dr. Katherine Birchenough, physician and director of wellness at OptimalSelf MD. “I like to know the top three things that brought them to me, and weight is very commonly one of the top three.”

Fat metabolism is extremely complicated, she says, and she often finds that the number one reason people are resistant to weight loss efforts is stress. “High cortisol, which is the fight or flight hormone, promotes fat storage when chronically elevated,” she says.

Therefore, it might not be lack of self control that is hindering weight loss progress for many people, but a busy, stressful lifestyle that is causing their body to store and hold onto fat. The good news is, people can attack th e fat by making simple changes to their lifestyle.

However, the guidance of a medical professional that sees health through a different lens can be invaluable, because when it comes to optimal health, “one size does not fit all,” says Birchenough, just the fourth doctor in South Carolina to be certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. Genetic uniqueness and biochemical individuality means it can be necessary to assess digestive function, metabolic type, mineral imbalances and other factors before creating a road map for health that is as individual as a fingerprint.

At OptimalSelf MD, Birchenough specializes in the ultimate personalization of healing protocols. That might mean addressing nutrition through macros, micros and meal timing; assessing hormone balance and sleep improvement, looking for adrenal dysfunction in conjunction with stress, and understanding when the body is resilient enough for proper exercise.

She may also work with clients on nutrition by assessing insulin and leptin resistance while also finding out if they are lacking in micronutrients that promote fat and glucose metabolism.

OptimalSelf MD is breaking new ground in Greenville as the first combined wellness and plastic surgery practice. Dr. Katherine, formerly in emergency medicine and urgent care, excels at investigating what’s causing troublesome symptoms, from fatigue to digestive distress. She feels an obligation to help clients pursue health “beyond just the absence of disease,” and all the way to total wellness for optimal living.

Dr. Shawn Birchenough offers a full gamut of surgical and non-surgical options to help clients look as good as they feel, from head to toe, inside and out.

Combining the best of traditional medicine, aesthetics and wellness, OptimalSelf MD guides clients on their personal journey to feel their best and live the life they want, with no regrets.

Look your best, feel your best and
become your “Optimal Self.” Call today!

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