Some destinations take your breath away and some give you permission to let it out. Post House Inn belongs to the second category: a long, cleansing exhale.

Before I arrived at the tiny coastal inn and tavern tucked into the historic district of Mount Pleasant, I thought the seven-room hotel would make a sweet little launchpad for standard-fare Charleston explorations. That itinerary all changed just a couple hours after I checked in, although I can’t be exact about the time. As they say at Post House, “time moves slower in the Old Village.” So integral to the experience is the lack of hurry that Post House has adopted a snail as its mascot and the welcome map invites guests to enjoy a “slow, cozy stay.”

I didn’t know I was looking for a slow, cozy stay, but I believe that owners Kate and Ben Towill might have—that their instincts about what guests crave in a getaway have helped them create an immersive escape so enchanting you may never even cross the Ravenel Bridge into Charleston. With breakfast included in your stay and a thoughtful bar and restaurant on the ground floor, you won’t need to. The inn’s structure—a “restaurant with rooms” as the Towills call it—was modeled after English pubs, with exceeding care given to making the circa-1896 building feel like the cornerstone of neighborhood life.

So integral to the experience is the lack of hurry that Post House has adopted a snail as its mascot and the welcome map invites guests to enjoy a ‘slow, cozy stay.’

The same care was applied to the inn’s renovation, in which Kate Towill, a former set designer, managed to lighten and warm the whole place while paying homage to the building’s history. Tall new windows let clean sunlight wash into the bar up front and restaurant around back. Upstairs, the walls and trim are painted in deep shades of seaglass blue. Layered rugs and a boatload of antiques that the Towills carted down from Brimfield, Massachusetts, give the inn a rich sense of lived-in character. Each of the seven guest rooms is different, with its own furnishings, fixtures, wallpaper, and architectural features, but they share Towill’s talent for blending soulful antiques with fresh, energetic elements.

The old wood plank floors may creak delightfully, but you won’t sacrifice any modern hotel luxuries: crisp white bed linens, lavish Malin + Goetz toiletries, a carefully curated mini-bar, complete with emergency bowtie (it is the Lowcountry you’re visiting, after all). No bowtie needed for dinner downstairs, though the seasonal fare from Chef Nathan Hood is as elegantly executed as any fine restaurant in downtown Charleston. Local, farm-sourced ingredients and simple Lowcountry staples such as blue crab toast and fresh oysters sing, but that is no surprise coming from the Towills, who also created Charleston’s beloved Basic Kitchen.

Tempting as Charleston’s attractions are, my big plans to enjoy them vanished once I settled into the rhythm of Post House Inn—which took all of a minute. My breathing slowed and so did my mind. I watched light and leaf shadows dance across the floor in my room. I took a long stroll through the shady Old Village neighborhood, popping into shops as I pleased, and in the morning, I ran the same streets until they ended at the water. I did not check my phone. I did not watch Netflix. I ate well, breathed deep of the salty sea air, and eventually went straight to sleep in a cocoon of white sheets. On the way back to the hotel for my late dinner reservation, I passed two little neighborhood girls in long, ruffled nightgowns pedaling their bikes home at dusk—the scene so ridiculously idyllic it seemed staged for cinema. Where am I? I thought dreamily, and then took a deep breath and stepped into the cozy glow of Post House. 

Post House Inn, 101 Pitt St, Mount Pleasant, SC. (842) 203-7678, Rooms start from $225.

Pretty Pleasant 

Although the staff at Post House Inn is happy to point you in the direction of Charleston’s beaches or downtown attractions, you may just find everything you need for a luxurious, low-key getaway in Mount Pleasant.


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