Each year, the holidays always seem to present the same dilemma: what to buy for loved ones on your gift list? Allan Symonette, a medical device salesman and self-professed “terrible gift-giver,” can sympathize. To make things easier on himself, and countless others, the Greenville resident founded Surcee.com, a gifting platform that allows you to create a wish list from virtually any website on the planet, with a focus on local shops (under #shopGVL).

The term “surcee” refers to a Southern tradition of presenting someone you care about with an unexpected gift to let them know you’re thinking about them. On Symonette’s website, which launched in mid-November, you can build a profile citing your passions, hobbies, and even your favorite charities. Then you can safely invite friends and family to join and create their own wish lists.

There are several ways to compile a list. You can browse for surcees that have already been curated and categorized on the site. You can read the online blogs for gift recommendations for different occasions, or go to the site’s search engine and enter a hobby, a sport, or even a particular designer. Don’t see what you want? Simply paste in a photo of your heart’s desire from a specific website. Surcee.com doesn’t limit you to certain stores or companies.

“Our goal is to make you a great gift-giver,” says Symonette. “We want you to have more ‘This is awesome!’ moments and less ‘Where’s the receipt?’ moments.”

Sign up for free on surcee.com.