The menu said there was Brain in my pie. I hesitated to dig in at first, but no one else seemed to mind. Besides, Southern Pressed Juicery is completely plant-based, so my pumpkin pie couldn’t contain parts of animal organ. Plus it looked delicious. It was delicious.

Brain, SPJ co-owner Olivia Esquivel explains, is an adaptogen blend, a customized mix of nontoxic mushrooms and super herbs, one of three making up the Wildcrafted Collection that the juicery launched in 2018. Adaptogens have been used in Eastern healing traditions for thousands of years, and the three Wildcrafted blends were developed in response to customers’ concerns regarding stress.

“I sit at the counter and listen to guests about what they are feeling, what they are needing,” says Esquivel. “One of the most recurring themes that I continually hear is stress.” When you are stressed, the hormone cortisol rises and your body reacts to it, Esquivel explains. Adaptogens work to normalize cortisol’s effects, and the three Wildcrafted blends, Brain, Beauty, and Energy, are customized to target specific symptoms. Slip them into your coffee or bake them in a pie, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you get your daily dosage. Esquivel recommends experimenting with each blend to see which works best with your body.

Southern Pressed Juicery, 2 W Washington St, Greenville. (864) 729-8626,

Wildcrafted Blends

// Brain

This blend is meant to break down those midday mental barriers. Designed for clarity, Brain boasts increased blood flow to your noggin to lift your mood, reduce anxiety, and increase productivity, creativity, and cognitive function.

// Beauty

“It’s a blend that’s going to help if stress is presenting in your skin,” Esquivel says, adding that users should expect to see results within a few weeks. This mix is made to restore emotional balance, enhance skin elasticity, boost libido, and nourish inner organs.

// Energy

This is the blend to get you the extra mile, created to enhance stamina and muscle tone while reducing fatigue and boosting metabolism, strength, and resilience. Unlike an energy drink, it sustains without the dreaded sugar drop or crash.


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