Blair_headshotJanuary is luminescent. The light is different this time of year, more brilliant—the skies crisp, the nights starry. It’s like Earth shines anew, having sloughed off old skin. We, too, seek change and improvement. Welcome to a new start.

Resolution is the buzzword of January. Most times, we dutifully make a list of half-hearted vows that usually involve eating better and exercising more. A clean slate begs for action. We shoot out like a rocket this month, and then generally fall back into the comfort of old patterns and routines.

But resolve requires asking why rather than what. To stick with it, one must believe in the reason for doing it. When we believe in something—like our best health—our actions follow: we eat more selectively; we exercise. Our breakthrough stems from our best thought about ourselves. Our mindset makes the difference.

Sometimes, we need others to re-mind us of our own power. That’s the benefit of community exercise, and thankfully Greenville’s slate is full. Beyond our traditional gyms and yoga studios, CrossFit has taken strong hold, as well as the deceptively challenging Pure Barre, and the 9Round boxing workout, which entails nine stations of intense exercise in 30 minutes—not to mention cycling opportunities both indoors and out, fueled in part by Greenville resident, veteran Tour de France domestique George Hincapie.

These may seem intimidating. Fine for a guru but not for you. But, the challenge is starting. What works for one may not work for someone else—and, essentially, that is what makes us individuals. For each of us, life presents a daily starting point, a do-over. Even record-setters have goals. The difference between where we are and where we can be is will—and connecting will and power is the force behind great action: willpower.

Resolutions work when they are your own, when you literally own them. Wellness works in much the same way. The drive shouldn’t be someone else’s ideal; it should be your ideal. And there is no better time to start.