While a balsam fir wreath with a bright red bow can bring cheer to any ol’ Ebenezer Scrooge, up the ante on your holiday decking with a few alternative twigs. All about the DIY? Gather discarded magnolia leaves and tie them together, or combine holly clippings with a few boughs from the backyard cedar. If you prefer your wreaths premade, consider one of these from ROOTS of Greenville and Twigs. Whether twined with grapevine or sprinkled with pine needles, your holiday décor is sure to add a little “fa-la-la” to the festive feel. Now go ahead and top off that eggnog.

Fir Real: Order one of these premade beauties from local florists ROOTS, 2249 Augusta St, (864) 241-0100, or from Twigs, 640 S Main St, (864) 242-2242.