Anna Cox & Harrison Shirley

June 8, 2019


heir mothers would joke about the two of them falling in love, until they did. Anna Cox and Harrison Shirley were childhood friends, sharing memories of rope swings, floating on the river, and exploring the waterfall on the Shirley family property. That very waterfall set the background for Harrison’s epic proposal, accompanied by candles, tiki torches, flowers, and a romantic dinner. Anna and Harrison’s wedding ceremony at Windy Hill Barn was nothing shy of a family affair. Their parents prayed over them during the ceremony, and their grandparents took the roles of ring bearers and flower girls. As the celebration continued, pictures of them from their childhood days played in a slideshow, making for sweet memories and proof that love knows no age. The couple now lives in Simpsonville, where Anna works as a medical aesthetician, and Harrison works for Chestnut Living.

 Photography by Sposa Bella Photography