Summer is here and tan, tone bodies are dripping across sidewalks faster than soft-serve ice cream cones in the midday heat. But Currie Gossett is the first to admit wellness runs deeper than a firm set of abs. The Greenville native has traveled the world, sampling various health routines and fitness regimes. After refining her methods and business strategy, she’s opening a boutique fitness studio in Overbrook Village. C.O.R.E. Grow Strong is adding facets far beyond retail, as it relocates from its current location on West Washington Street, and Currie can’t wait to help the community reach its peak potential.

The new space looks great!

Thank you. After six years we have baby-stepped our way into it and now we’re ready to jump into the deep end.

Tell us about the concept of a boutique fitness studio.

My husband and I had been living in Europe, and then we moved back stateside to Charlotte and had children. I first noticed the boutique fitness experience there. My home studio there became my community, my therapy, my outlet, my social hour, my church, my happy place. I felt my best when I walked out of a class, when I breathed, and took time for myself.

Did you immediately think the concept would work in Greenville?

Yep. Greenville needed something on the lighter side, that wasn’t as aggressive, with the competitive nature of lots of gyms. Even before we knew we were moving back here, I wanted to open a studio here that would include retail, movement, and nutrition and health. I’m passionate about what we put in our body, because food is fuel and should never make us feel guilty. We took that first baby step and opened a retail establishment on West Washington, as I refined the boutique fitness concept that we’re opening now at Overbrook.

So, what does C.O.R.E. include?

The designer retail folks have enjoyed downtown, but my goal all along was to have movement as the centerpiece of the business. The new space includes a mindful movement studio and plant-based market. Folks will be able to get great, locally sourced juices. The mat studio has room for 50 mats. We’ll also do yoga sculpt, TRX Training, breath work, and meditation. We’re offering reformer Pilates and mat Pilates. I’m really excited to bring accessible group classes and private Pilates to Greenville.

How did you get into Pilates?

I blame it on a case of wine! (laughing) Actually, it’s even worse, it was a case of Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers! I was working for a distributor right out of college and was putting up a wine display. I was dressed in high heels and bent over lifting the entire case and didn’t use my legs. I popped a disc and it put me on the floor. I’ve been in and out of chronic pain for 20 years.

But you were an athlete?

I grew up in Mauldin playing basketball and volleyball. I played volleyball at Wofford. I’d never gotten hurt playing sports, and then this? I felt like an idiot. I did a lot of physical therapy because I didn’t want to have surgery. About a year later, I’d moved to Asheville and took my first Pilates course at a YMCA. It was eye-opening. To this day, I wish we’d had that kind of strength training and flexibility while I was a college athlete. I would have been a different athlete.

You’re hooked.

You just have to try it. They say you’ll feel different after one session and notice a difference after 10 sessions. My favorite things about it: the range of what you can do. It can be gentle and therapeutic. It’s excellent for golfers and the aging population. Or it can be a burning, kick-your-booty exercise. The benefits are truly endless.

After living in Europe and other areas, what’s it like coming home?

I don’t feel like I’ve come home. I’ve returned to a much more progressive Greenville. It’s not the same Greenville I left in 1999. I’m definitely more of an urban soul. What I love the most is the unique charm and character of downtown. The Swamp Rabbit Trail, the parks and the ability to get on bikes and go anywhere. That’s very European.

And now you’re helping us all find balance.

Greenville overall is a fairly active community. My hope is people will discover a part of themselves at C.O.R.E. They’ll discover a community, a way to breathe, to engage in more self-care. It doesn’t matter if they take a really great class, or they’re grabbing local juice, or a great new pair of leggings, or connecting with a new friend. No matter what they do in our space, I hope they are doing something healthy and positive for themselves the second they walk through the door. Our mission is to help them love themselves a little bit harder and become a better version of themselves.

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