Deshia Leonhirth & Adam Breaux

March 10, 2019

It didn’t matter that Deshia was living in Charlotte and Adam in Greenville. The wonders of the Internet led these two together, and shortly after their second date, they were on track to figure out what long-distance could mean. Deshia didn’t want to leave Charlotte and return to her hometown of Greenville, but Adam made her move back worthwhile with a sunrise proposal on Amelia Island on their third anniversary. It wouldn’t be the last time the couple would travel to a beautiful place for a special moment, because when it came to their wedding day, the backdrop was Paris. In a ceremony fit for royalty in the grand hall of the Hôtel La Maison Champs Elysées, Deshia, dressed in a Martina Liana gown, and Adam promised forever in front of 18 friends and family members. After a honeymoon in Morocco, the couple returned home to Greenville for a massive celebration at The Rutherford, and began to settle back into their life in South Carolina. Deshia is an associate professor at USC Upstate, and Adam is the owner and attorney at Breaux & Callahan Real Estate Law.

Photography by Kristine Grinvalde / Event Planning & Design by Luxe X Billy Folchetti