Spring is here, full on. Flowers in bloom, trees leafing out. We celebrate reemergence and reinvention this issue, the return of life as we knew it, yet much different than before.

As we measure our losses and give thanks for our gains (because there were these too), we are living in a more hopeful world. Nature makes no mistakes, even during a pandemic. Last spring, the time when we’re typically abuzz with dates, plans, and to-dos, suddenly restricted us to our homes, yards, and outdoor spaces. We were tasked with staying put and keeping away. But while our social lives slowed, everyday details became sharper. On long afternoon walks, I’d mark the slow and steady progress of buds and leaves—of life, in its constant cycle, of which I’m always apart but rarely fully present. As the earth renewed, so did I, smack in the middle of global chaos.

It’s the darkest days that create the most light—making sweet ones that much better. This spring feels different from any other. We’re more aware of the connectedness of things, of our shared experience, the relief of simply being together with less worry. As we move forward, we go back to what we’ve always known. Like plants that depend on sunlight and water, food and soil, we too need our social garden to thrive. We are individuals, each one of us uniquely different, but requiring the same basic stuff—to be supported by our human family, by nature or by choice.

Our stories reflect the beauty and bounty of this season, from the vibrancy of a First Friday art walk to one-of-a-kind jewelry and our local boutiques bursting at the seams with must-have pieces. Fill your calendar with our top events, a weekend trip to Savannah, and an off-road adventure at Biltmore Estate. Sate your hunger with healthy options, then treat yourself to a strawberry cocktail. It’s springtime, and we’re here for its brilliant unfolding—once again but like never before.



Blair Knobel
Twitter / Instagram: @LBKNOBEL

Photo by Blair Knobel