Lee Norwood has been thinking of hats. Not just in general, but a particular topper he has worn on and off over the years, proving it a classic. When we asked the brand director for H. Goose for his thoughts on chapeaus this season, he said he’d already been thinking of resurrecting his handmade English hat from Ralph Lauren. “I had been leading a more casual existence, one that didn’t really call for hats, but I am kinda thinking of getting it back out.”

And, we are so glad he did. Hats are all about an occasion, not just as a protection from the elements. Practical they may be, we know hats are worn by how you feel. Confident, sharp, refined, rugged, even sassy. Or, it may just be in your blood. Lee references old photographs of his grandfather, always in the same hat—from field to funeral, no matter the occasion. A distinguished look for church, and practical protection on the farm. “It has to be right for you,” Lee says, “or you won’t wear it.” Gentlemen of all ages, for this fall and winter season, when you feel you need that something more to add to your look, check out these brims to up your hat game, or get one started.