While living in Madrid, Lauren Brink liked to take walks. She would spend her days popping in and out of leather shops, and a love of artisanal work began to take hold. When her parents retired to Greenville, she came back to the States as well, with some Spanish leather in her suitcase. 

 Amahle Designs was born from Brink’s hobby of making leather earrings. Since its inception three years ago, she’s added a line of necklaces, totes, and her personal favorite: clutches. A nod to her South African heritage (Brink was born and raised in Johannesburg), amahle is a word from the language of the Zulu tribe, meaning “beautiful.” 

Brink adores the brand she has built and takes pride in creating custom pieces for her clients. Her leathers come primarily from Italy, but also from Spain and Argentina. “I will say my style is definitely not for the faint-hearted,” Brink says with a laugh. “I always try to create pieces that are somewhat unique.”

This small business is built from all over the world, with touches of personality and heart in each original piece. 

Photography by Chelsey Ashford. To shop, visit amahledesigns.com or contact Lauren Brink at info@amahledesigns.com.