Formerly known as the Carolina Music Museum, the Sigal Music Museum now serves as a hub for all things music. The collection, generously donated by private collector Marlowe A. Sigal, contains almost 700 instruments, including flutes and whistles, period keyboards, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. The collection showcases more than 400 years of musical history from all around the world.

Their current must-see? The hurdy-gurdy, or vielle à roue, thought to have originated before the eleventh century AD. This particular hurdy-gurdy is from 1860, making the instrument more than 150 years old. Its body is shaped like a lute, but the similarities end there—unlike a lute, the hurdy-gurdy uses a hand-cranked wheel to make its signature noise, which sounds similar to that of a bagpipe. With its metal-wheel hand-crank, ivory handle, and carved man’s head scroll, this hurdy-gurdy is a unique example of a little-known musical treasure.

Sensational Sigal—the museum’s debut exhibit—will run through December 2021. Curated by Alexandra Cade under the direction of Dr. Tom Strange, the museum is bursting with musical sights, sounds, and opportunities to thrill and inspire. An afternoon with the collection will satisfy anyone with a craving for musical history—music buffs and museum fans alike. Historical instruments at the sigal, Historical instruments at the sigal, Historical instruments at the sigal

Sigal Music Museum, 516 Buncombe St, Greenville. (864) 520-8807,