Jordan Craft & Crawford Reeves

April 6, 2019


fter mutual friends compelled them to reach out to one another, Jordan and Crawford became Facebook friends, then quickly became much more. Social media gave way to a three-year courtship that led up to a day of pure joy at Thornblade Club’s golf course. It was Jordan’s birthday party, and, while her putt may not have been a hole-in-one, Crawford’s proposal and the ensuing festivities were true winners. She picked up his golf ball on the 18th hole, only to realize that her name was on it, with a twist, reading Jordan Craft Reeves. Their family’s delighted screams blew their cover as they all began to celebrate. Adorned in a Poinsett Bride gown, that Jordan had turned into a new custom piece, they celebrated at the Taylors Mill venue The Marketplace. Jordan works in real estate at C. Dan Joyner, and Crawford is keeping up his golf game, post-proposal, as a professional golfer. 

 Photography by Kendra Martin