Katie Henson & John Lawrence Holliday

December 21, 2019

Everyone has heard “distance makes love grow stronger,” but Katie and John Lawrence’s relationship attests to the truth of this phrase. Though they both grew up in Greenville and attended Clemson, it wasn’t until several years, and 4,000 miles, later that they finally connected online. Instantly, they realized their many mutual connections, which fast-tracked their relationship. After a few months, Katie was asked to join the Holliday family beach trip, where John Lawrence surprised her with a peaceful proposal on a dock surrounded by the Carolina water. Katie’s favorite memory from the day was when she learned John Lawrence’s mom hid a Champagne bottle in Katie’s car in hopes of a celebration. The ceremony commenced at Grace Church Downtown, followed by a reception at the Huguenot Loft. Katie wore a dress from The Poinsett Bride accessorized by her mother’s restored veil. Currently, the couple is enjoying a six-month honeymoon in Hawaii while John Lawrence completes his service as a Naval dentist. They will return to the Upstate in July.

By Jessi Nichols Photography