Katie Stokes & Thomas Kizer

August 4, 2018

Katie Stokes’ new job proved to be a place where she would not only love working, but also find true love. Katie’s co-worker Erin soon introduced Katie to Erin’s brother Thomas Kizer, and when the two realized they had attended Clemson together, the match seemed meant to be. A first date at a Tigers basketball game budded into a sweet, two-year relationship. As diehard Clemson fans, the couple planned to go to a game in Virginia the fall of 2017. Thomas found a farmhouse with stunning mountain views, and decided the weekend had more in store than a Tiger victory. As he and Katie walked around the property, Thomas asked their host to take pictures of them in front of the stunning vistas, and during the last photograph, he pulled out a ring. Katie’s “yes” moment was captured on camera to be treasured for the rest of their lives. On their wedding day, Katie’s father not only gave her away, but he also officiated the wedding. The couple resides in Greenville, where Katie is a graphics imaging technologist at Sealed Air Corporation, and Thomas is a customer resale planner at Bosch Rexroth.

Photography by Jessi Nichols Photography