Maggie Aiken & Tad Toler

May 25, 2019


he loves surprises. He’s a terrible liar. But when it came to their engagement, Tad Toler was able to sneak his best surprise ever. After picking her up from a performance downtown, Tad told his soon-to-be fiancée that he needed to stop by their church to pick up something he’d left behind earlier that day. As they ascended the church steps, Maggie felt Tad’s hand shaking, and suddenly he was on one knee. Before he could even ask the question, Maggie screamed, “YES!” and kissed him. He whisked her away to Nose Dive for celebratory drinks with their dearest friends and family. Six months later, the couple ascended the same church stairs, this time to exchange vows before their loved ones. The girls Maggie had led in youth group for four years served as greeters, and the wedding party grooved down the aisle to “Oh, Happy Day” from Sister Act 2, right after the couple was named husband and wife. They danced their way to the Poinsett Club, where bubble guns, light-up bow ties, and trays of Krispy Kreme donuts concluded this whimsical day with a perfect dose of playfulness.

 Photography by Courtney Price