South Carolina’s Grainger McKoy has astonished the world with his gravity-defying bird sculptures for decades. A detail man through and through, McKoy’s penchant for perfection and feathered friends transfers easily into his jewelry and accessories designs, including his latest impeccably lustrous Hand-Cut Knife.

“Everything we make has to be uniquely better than anything else on the market,” says McKoy’s son, Grainger Jr., the force behind the knife’s production. “By far, it’s the disappearing blade that is the real head-turner . . . . By using such high-grade materials, we can make the knife see-through and not affect its strength.”

The artist’s son is noting the feather-like cuts on the stainless-steel blade, which when closed, align seamlessly with those on the handle, rendering a disappearing effect. At 2.2 ounces, the knife may feel, well, light as a feather, but the rustless titanium handle and highest-grade steel blade speak to its strength and functionality.

The knife is non-locking, opening and closing fluidly with one hand, a function Grainger Jr. refers to as “couch flipper’s nirvana.” He notes that as a popular gift item, many of the knives are engraved, and he hopes they become family heirlooms. With a design that reflects the elegance and originality so iconic to Mr. McKoy’s work, it’s easy to suppose the Hand-Cut will be regarded with lasting reverence as any true objet d’art should.

Grainger McKoy Hand-Cut Knife. S35VN stainless-steel blade, 6AI-4V titanium handle; 2.2 ounces, 3.5 inches closed, about 6 inches open. Photo by Paul Mehaffey.