Marie-Lisette Dimitrew & James Chapman

September 15, 2018

After meeting serendipitously at Greenville’s Sharpshooters Gun Club, Marie-Lisette Dimitrew and James Chapman became casual acquaintances. But it wasn’t until New Year’s Eve two years later that they reconnected, shared a kiss, and finally took their shot at true love. Marie-Lisette claims the stars simply aligned, and their romance was off with a bang. The couple dated for two and a half years before officially tying the knot at Sleepy Hollow Barn & Plantation in Clemson, where they were greeted by an unanticipated guest: Hurricane Florence. Luckily, the storm failed to dampen the couple’s flame, and the heavy rains held off long enough for the first-look photoshoot and the outdoor ceremony. With a quippy response to Florence’s threat, these unwavering newlyweds toasted to married life with Hurricane cocktails. Family friend Dawn Stevenson provided the cake, and Greg Foster Florists designed the bouquets. James and Marie-Lisette are ready to tackle any adventures that lie ahead, as James begins active duty in the Army within the next year.


Photography by Mira Photographs