Melita Pena & John Cutshall

January 4, 2020

Online dating is more common these days, and for Melita and John, Bumble was the app that brought them together. On their first date at Local Cue, the pair talked for hours, and John made sure to propose a handful of other follow-up date options to ensure Melita would be available. From romantic dinner dates to long hikes, and everything in-between, the pair became inseparable. Just 10 months later, John dropped to one knee to ask for her hand at the top of a short trail during his family’s vacation in the mountains. Afterwards, both sets of parents toasted the happy couple with Champagne and snickerdoodle cake. Planning the wedding was easy, since Melita had wanted to be married at Grace Church Downtown ever since she first saw it. Their special day was as perfect—and as big—as they could have imagined; both come from huge families, all of whom were present at the ceremony. The couple now lives in Simpsonville, where Melita works as a registered nurse and John as a project manager at Outdoor Properties.

By Kendra Martin Photography