Molly Kronemeyer & Jacob Kittleson

September 2, 2018


olly Kronemeyer and Jacob Kittleson like to reflect on a relationship that almost never was. The two met on a flight, and though clear chemistry existed between them, they didn’t have the chance to exchange phone numbers before landing. A few months later, Molly received a message from Jacob on Instagram, and that was the starting point of their two-year, long-distance relationship.

The couple had a day at the Biltmore Estate planned, but much to Molly’s surprise, Jacob had something else in store before they headed to Asheville to see the regal home’s famous Christmas trees. She was reluctant considering the snowy winter weather, but under the guise of a walk downtown for lunch, he led her to the iconic Wyche Pavilion where their picturesque proposal was captured by Chelsey Ashford. As the shock of the surprise subsided, the couple took more engagement photos to commemorate the important moment. The visit to the Biltmore was the perfect close, where the couple enjoyed a tour of the home and ended the day with a romantic dinner at the estate.

A destination wedding was only fitting considering their meet-cute, so Molly and Jacob’s ceremony was held at the Tunnel Mountain Meadow in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The couple said their vows with a stunning mountain view as backdrop, followed by a reception at the nearby Buffalo Mountain Lodge. The couple now lives with their dog, Zoey, in Greenville, where Molly works in business development at Scansource, and Jacob is lead engineer at General Electric.

Photography by Chelsey Ashford Photography