Rachel Hipps & Austin Deneroy

March 28, 2020

Rachel and Austin first met at a lunch with friends at Chipotle, where Austin learned that Rachel was a vegan. He cracked a vegan joke, but Rachel wasn’t amused. However, Austin couldn’t stop thinking about her, and lucky for him, she let the joke slide. Just six months after they started dating, Austin was ready to propose, and he knew the perfect time. Rachel’s roommate was planning a surprise party for her birthday, and since all of her best friends were going to be in town, he thought, “why not then?” That evening, the unsuspecting Rachel was told to be ready for a nice dinner. Austin took her on a stroll through Falls Park, and when they reached the spot where they first said, “I love you,” he dropped to one knee. When the couple’s traditional wedding plans were dashed by the COVID-19 shutdowns, they decided to elope, and all of their family and close friends said, “let’s do it.” With all hands on deck, they headed to Black Balsam Knob where everything went off without a hitch, complete with locally grown flowers, cupcakes from their favorite baker, and decorations donated from friends. The picturesque celebration was the perfect way for the couple to start their lives together.

By Anna Duncan Photography