Rebecca Ragland & Pablo Sauras

June 29, 2018

A five-year-old is certainly an unlikely mutual connection for two single adults, but such was the case for Rebecca Ragland and Pablo Sauras. At Rebecca’s studio, a fellow dancer, whose daughter’s friend’s parents knew Pablo, introduced the two. This led to drinks at The Velo Fellow, which would prove to be the future location for the couple’s rehearsal dinner. After eight months of dating bliss, Pablo pulled out all the stops for his soon-to-be bride. One evening before Rebecca returned home, he adorned the room with roses, accompanied by a candle-lit dinner, Champagne, and strawberries and cheese by the fire. When Rebecca arrived, Pablo’s heartfelt speech preluded his proposal, and Rebecca joyfully accepted. The ceremony incorporated Spanish traditions reflecting Pablo’s heritage; Rebecca’s father, serving as Padrino, and the groom’s mother, as Madrina, placed embroidered pillows for the bride and groom to kneel upon for the nuptial blessings. The couple has recently relocated to Boulder, Colorado; Rebecca is the former director of development at United Ministries, and Pablo is a software engineer at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America.

By Sposa Bella Photography