Savannah Newkirk & Emily Egan

October 3, 2020

What better way to meet than over a cup of coffee? Starbucks coffee, to be exact. Savannah and Emily became friends through work, but soon realized they had something more. The duo dated for a year and a half before getting engaged. Savannah had planned to wait until Emily’s mom got to town for Thanksgiving to propose, but once she had the ring in her hands, she couldn’t wait. She grabbed a huge bouquet of flowers on her way home from work and set them up on Emily’s side of the bed. When Emily got home, Savannah told her to go look in the bedroom, and when she came out of the room, Savannah asked Emily to be her wife. The ceremony was held on a Thursday at The Rutherford, where in an ode to how they came together in the first place, Emily and Savannah included a coffee bar with espresso, brewed coffee, cold brew, and affogato. The couple lives in Taylors.

By One Union Studios